Understanding Slip and Fall Claims in Atlanta

If you’re someone who got involved in a slip-and-fall accident, you’re probably already aware that these accidents don’t come knocking at your door and can happen anywhere at any time. From pedestrian paths to parking lots, you can get involved in a slip-and-fall accident anywhere. While compared to car accidents, slip and fall accidents do not sound as scary, the effects of these accidents can be just as scary and life-altering. If you want to learn more about the next steps after the accident, consult a lawyer right away. 

Documenting the injury:

Suppose you’re in a mall going about your day when you slip and fall on a wet floor. While it may not seem severe, if you hit your head, it can lead to a concession. And the thing about such injuries is that you may not notice it at first. So, in such situations, one of the most important things to do is to take a picture of the floor. This will serve as evidence and help determine what caused the fall. Apart from this, it’s also crucial that you keep a record of all the documents related to medical care and tests associated with the injury. When you decide to file a claim, this will help in determining the value of your economic loss and how much you can recover. 

Get medical care:

While it’s important to take pictures of the site of an accident, you should not get too carried away with it. Remember that your well-being is of the utmost importance, and you should go see a doctor immediately. Even if you feel the injury is not severe, it is important for you to get a medical opinion, as sometimes these injuries take time to surface. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

 Determining fault:

If you were injured in a mall because of a wet floor, you can hold the maintenance party liable for their negligence. Likewise, if you get injured on a property, the proper owner can be held liable for negligence. Remember that you don’t need to be scared, even if you were partially responsible for the accident. You’ll still be able to get compensation for the injuries and loss.

Final thoughts:

It’ll be a difficult job for you to assess how much you can get as compensation, and seek the help of an experienced lawyer for a better understanding of your case.

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