Transform your home and transform your lifestyle with these ideas

Home decor is not just a one-time investment or decision. It is an ever-evolving idea that can change with time due to your requirements, and trends, and grow with your choices. The concept of decorating a home is a personal process rather than a set of rules. Every person has the right to express themselves freely in their home. Sometimes, you may hit a roadblock when you are trying to make your home look pretty. Here are some ideas that can change the way you look at the décor in your home.

Ideas to transform your way of living

  1. Floral arrangements – Flowers breathe freshness into your home and they can enliven the place too. A classy vase with some flowers can add uplift the elegance quotient of your home and make your place look beautiful. You can add a bouquet on counters with space especially near the entrance or on your office table. Add colours and fragrances to your bathroom countertops, vanity counters, and side tables. If you think maintaining fresh flowers is too much work, you can look at the options available for faux flowers.
  2. Keep rotating your art – The same old art can start making your place look boring and too dull. It dims the excitement of living in your own house. Keep things fresh by sprinkling art all around the house and changing it with your newest finds. This includes artifacts on shelves, antiques, paintings, or coffee table books. Try mixing and matching finds from shops, flea markets, and various places to keep the house looking interesting.
  3. Use a mirror on the wall – A simple mirror can completely change the luxury quotient of the room. Apart from adding some shine to the room, it can also make the room seem bigger and brighter. If you add an ornate mirror, it is sure to make the room look much better. It can be a great addition to cover up an empty slot on the wall. It can make a great impact if you hang it up in your hallway, entryway, or bedroom. A mirror above the office chair and table can also make the office look more formal.
  4. Move around the coffee table accessories – Whether you have added a lovely mat, coffee table books, or a simple figurine, it is always better to keep rotating the coffee table books. You can check for ideas online if you are looking for fresh ideas on how to stack your books on the coffee table. Try creating multiple piles and keep books on neutral topics. Avoid topics that may make your guests feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. If you have side tables in your house, you can easily decorate your coffee table with more items and make it the center of attention.
  5. Make a reading spot in your home – A reading spot does not have to be a special place with special chairs and lights. It can just be a simple sofa with a couple of cushions and a throw. The best thing would be to choose a spot near the window to ensure plenty of natural light is streaming in at all times. A reading corner should essentially have a table that can be used for keeping books or even a snack and a drink. This corner can be great for entertaining a guest or for spending some time with yourself with a book, or a guitar when you need it!

When you think of transforming your home, get creative, and don’t be scared to experiment!

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