Top 7 Small Businesses in Dubai

Dubai’s zero taxation policy, free trade agreements, and strategic business location make it the ideal spot for company formation. You can launch your small business in Dubai in the mainland region, in any of the free zones, or also an offshore establishment based on your business requirement and budget constraints.

The best part is that you don’t need to worry about hefty investments as incorporating a business in Dubai is affordable and offers several lucrative expansion opportunities. The business consultants at Shuraa guide you through all the steps involved in setting your dream venture in the UAE.

Here are 7 of the best small businesses in Dubai:

1. E-Commerce Business

E-commerce is on the rise, and online ventures continue to capture markets. Therefore, if you want to start a small business in Dubai, e-commerce is the way to go. It offers a low barrier to entry, sizable returns on your investments, and the opportunity to expand your venture on a global scale.

Investors willing to get into the e-commerce sector must apply for an online trading license by getting in touch with the concerned economic department. Once you have the e-commerce license, you need to launch an optimized e-biz website and list your offerings to score sales and conversions.

2. Beauty Salon

Launching a beauty salon in Dubai is a great opportunity to offer beautification and grooming services for both – men and women. All you need to do is finalize your business location, apply for a beauty salon license, find an affordable shop, and you’re done. The business experts at Shuraa take care of everything for you so you can focus on other growth-related activities.

Remember that you need to apply for external approval to Dubai Municipality’s Planning Section for opening your salon in the UAE. Salon owners also need to ensure that their shop meets the infrastructural requirements established by the government. This includes adequate lighting, a separation of 2.30 m between the vault and the floor, fireproofing, and a lot more.

3. Food Truck Business

Setting up a food truck business is an attractive proposition for new-age investors looking to incorporate a business in Dubai. All food truck ventures need to obtain HACCP’s (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) consent to launch such a venture. Moreover, you also need to choose the ideal location after figuring out the best eating spots in Dubai.

You don’t need to confine your thoughts to the mainland region as other business zones like Al Khawaneej, Al Qudra, and Jebel Ali also offer lucrative opportunities for a food truck venture. Furthermore, ensure that your food truck meets the dimensional and functional requirements laid down by the regulatory authorities. These include proper ventilation, heat handling capabilities, etc.

4. Advertising Agency

Another small business in Dubai that continues to grow exponentially is the advertising and marketing business. Today, brands understand the value of visibility and getting their name established in the marketplace. You achieve all of that and more when you collaborate with a professional advertising agency that takes care of your online and offline marketing needs.

Setting up an advertising firm in Dubai is straightforward and doesn’t consume much time when you follow the right steps. However, it becomes easier than ever when you connect with the business setup experts at Shuraa that do all the heavy lifting for you. Note that you can now enjoy complete ownership of your agency even in the mainland region.

5. Photography Business

Dubai Media City (DMC) and the Fujairah Creative Zone are the best business zones to get started with your photography venture. You need to obtain a professional freelance business license in the UAE to kickstart your journey as a photographer in this country. You can easily find professional-grade photography equipment in Dubai for all your business requirements.

The National Media Council regulates and monitors all photography-related activities. Therefore, you must obtain approval from this governing body to perform outdoor photography and photoshoots via aerial applications. It’s a lucrative business venture when you diversify your offerings, i.e., providing other services like editing, videography, etc.

6. Home-Based Cooking Venture

A home-based cooking venture doesn’t confine you to cooking foodstuff only. You can diversify your offerings by taking online/offline cooking classes, candy-making, food blogging, and a lot more. It’s a business that requires low initial investment, and you can carry out the business activities from the comfort of your home.

You can also become a nutrition coach after completing your certification training in the UAE or try your hand at baking in parallel. Opportunities are endless, and everything depends on your zeal to succeed with a small business in Dubai. Simply apply for a business license by getting in touch with the concerned governing body.

7. Daycare / Child Care Services

Offering daycare services is a matter of huge responsibility. You assure the ward’s parents of their child’s safety and education routine while they’re working. It’s imperative to get the background checks done for all your employees and check whether they’ve completed the mandatory training required for child care services.

These include certification training on first-aid and other certified courses on child care. You also need to gather the required equipment for this business that includes toys, art supplies, and much more. You can get in touch with Shuraa’s legal advisors to know anything related to the child care business.

Launch Your Small Business in Dubai!

Small businesses in Dubai continue to move towards financial stability, thanks to the business-friendly laws and a supportive government. You can also set up your dream venture here after understanding Dubai’s market, legal framework, and various business locations. We, at Shuraa Business Setup, handle all these activities for your benefit at affordable prices. Be it licensing, banking, documentation, translation work, or anything else – we got you covered.

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