How to earn $50 per Google AdSense Click?

Earning is fun and when you can do it in short time, nothing seems more exciting interesting and tempting than this. The basic reason why we all are having a back-wrenching life is to fill our pockets. Now, it’s time to make a transformation and add something to your working style. Compliment your hard work with smart work and see the magic it can bring to your life. This goes true in digital marketing as well.

If you are here at ArunSEO, you must be interested in internet marketing and so, I assume that you have a keen knowledge of AdSense earnings and making money from ads. So, let us know start discussing the secrets of making pennies in bulk and that too using Google AdSense.

  1. Use long tail and high CPC AdSense keywords

More the targeted traffic, more money you will make. In order to boost your earned money figure, do not forget to use more high-CPC keywords. Using it will give a kick to your earnings. As a result, it will be a shot in the arm.

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  1. Use tools to find money-making AdSense keywords

If you have no experience with digital marketing tools, then you must give a try to SEMRUSH. It is a keyword researching tool which offers a myriad list of features to its users. The most prominent are the backlinks checking, keyword ranking, lets you check your competitor’s ranks. All in all, you can do a complete SEO audit of your blog using SEMRUSH. So, why not utilize it and make money in bulk.

To use this amazing tool, you should first compile Google Docs spreadsheet or any other tool which you use to manage keywords. Also, make a SEMRUSH account, you can also enjoy its free 14 days’ trail. Accumulate a list of medium and high authority blogs in your niche.

The steps to use SEMRUSH as a money-making tool are-

• Login
• Enter the name of your domain
• On the next page, click on organic keywords > Full list

You will get a list of keywords which drive traffic to your domain

• Click the CPC tab and sort the list
• Copy the keywords which are the most appropriate for your blog and domain

Using long-tail keywords and the keywords which you have listed with the help of SEMRUSH will assist you in skyrocketing your AdSense earnings. Do not forget to drive country-specific keywords. Not doing this will stop you from getting the full potential from this ‘smart blog.’

Are you ready to become rich? What are you thinking then, get your thinking caps on and sit in front of your laptop? Work to rule the world and play smart.

Good Luck!

By- Arun Kumar

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