All About Mathematics

One of the subjects that children dread the most is mathematics. Be it calculation or remembering tables, both seem to confuse children a lot. But mathematics is one of the main subjects that are introduced in students’ curriculum at the pre-primary levels. It is very important that kids develop basic mathematical skills at a young age. If only children are introduced to numbers at a young age, it will be easier for them to grasp the essence of mathematics faster. There are plenty of age-appropriate maths worksheet available on BYJU’S website that parents can download and use for their children’s practice.

Importance of Learning Mathematics

Though for many students, mathematics might prove to be a nightmare, it is important that children develop basic mathematical operations before they get into kindergarten. 

  • Operation of numbers – when children have developed their understanding of numbers, parents can start with the basic mathematical operations like subtraction, addition, multiplication, division. Children should be able to memorize the tables from 1 to 10 by Class 2. The multiplication table will help them solve various mathematical problems in their higher classes. Parents can teach children single-digit addition and subtraction, which will help them to deal with bigger numbers later. 
  • Recognize shapes and figures – from a very early age, children can easily differentiate between different shapes and figures, and this proves to be quite beneficial as they grow up. Even before children start their classes, it is important that parents introduce different shapes and figures to them. Parents can start with basic shapes and later download shapes worksheet pdfs from BYJU’S website for their kids to practise. 
  • Know the numbers – you might have seen kindergarten kids who can easily recite 1 to 20 number names at a go! The reason behind this is their parents made sure that they developed an understanding of numbers before they started their preschools. Once the kids develop their basic conceptual knowledge about numbers, parents can start with counting number worksheets. These worksheets will help them to learn how to work with numbers. 
  • Identify between more and less – another important reason why mathematics should be introduced to children at a young age is that it will help them identify the difference between larger and smaller quantities/numbers. This can only be done when children have a proper understanding of numbers. There are plenty of activities that will help children to learn how to identify numbers that are more or less than the other. There are several worksheets that are available on BYJU’S website that will help them to practise. 

Mathematics plays an important role if, as parents, you want your kid to stand apart from others. A student who has a good mathematical understanding stands a much better chance to get admission into a reputed school. BYJU’S offers several topic based worksheets, as well as study material for children of all ages. One can easily visit BYJU’S website and lookup for the preferred topic for their kid. The worksheet pdfs are free and easy to download too. 

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